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Skybrake’s development into a comprehensive, next-generation system began in 1997, when work started on the development of a vehicle security and monitoring solution. Accumulated experience over 22 years means that today more than 2,500 clients are assured of the security and effectiveness of their fleet with the help of Skybrake.

The idea can be traced back to the end of the 1990s, when we saw the need for developments in vehicle monitoring and were certain that it was only the beginning of a comprehensive service. Since then, we have gained unparalleled knowledge of our product over the course of its whole development cycle, from the concept of Skybrake and the development of a prototype to its manufacture, installation and communication with the end consumer.

Our long-term operating experience allows us to offer clients high-quality, tried and tested Skybrake systems and GPS equipment adapted to the specifics of each business and fitted to more than 20,000 pieces of equipment.



A mentor and GPS business leader who has been with Autonams for 15 years now. He knows that great results can be reached as a result of effective and well-considered processes, so he is scornful of imprudently wasted working hours. He is convinced that it is always possible to find a compromise between the client’s wishes and the seemingly impossible.

Sales centre


Enjoys working with professionals from any industry, but is most at home with those in agriculture, as she knows how to fit the most complex equipment with GPS devices. For more than 6 years now, crops under her care have always been harvested on time, because the equipment is always secure.


A paragon of punctuality who will offer you the best solution in a non-standard situation. He seeks new challenges and constantly reveals new uses for fleet monitoring systems.

Support system


If you have a problem which needs serious in-depth analysis, she is the one to turn to. An excellent help when you need to complete client reports, fuel consumption and incoming GPS data.


Carefully listening to customers, calm them down, patiently answering important questions and improving their mood for the rest of the day

Service network


An electronics expert who, during his more than 10 years on the Autonams team, has tested more than 100 different GPS devices. His advice is worth taking; your fleet will be the winner.


Responsive and punctual employees, whose long-term experience in vehicle electronics, GPS and fuel consumption technologies will help any vehicle monitoring system user.

System programmers

They can both programme, and go in-depth into the essence of technologies and services. No less important is the fact that they are able to communicate with clients in everyday language, not just in binary code.